Wake up Champ
If you have to wake him up, he's no longer the champ


Wake Up Champ is a Eureka, CA-based rock duo whose songs find resonance through the universal experiences of suffering, love, failure, death and toil, yet still somehow convey a sense of optimism in persevering.

Musically, the band’s influences are broad, and inclusive. A list of names would be misleading, a self-serving attempt to draw mostly meaningless connections. Suffice it to say, they like music and find inspiration where they can. Above all, they are a rock band, and seek to enrich the genre through listening with Big Ears.

Wake Up Champ is the most recent Faulk and Macdonald partnership, a culmination of years spent in several bands together and apart, as well as in several other creative endeavors.

On guitar, their contrasting styles compliment one another, often with Macdonald’s fluid, melodic landscapes complicated by Faulk’s aggressive fretwork. Despite differing musical personalities, their songs together form a consistent , melancholy but proud, mood.

Faulk has plied the musician’s trade in Humboldt County for 20 years. Previous projects include Del Destino, Cacafuego, Plush Pippen, The Might Coulds, The Foundlings, and Anchorite and Mystic.

Macdonald initially found music as a classical violinist, then picked up guitar and piano as a teen to better facilitate composition. His projects have included Cacafuego, The Foundlings and The Might Coulds, as well as solo shows backing local artists.

The band is currently working on its debut album and filling out its ranks.

For those who need labels, Wake Up Champ is a melodic, Indie rock band that loves narrative. Complex but simple, smart but colloquial, the band seeks to tell a story while leaving enough space between the words for Big Ears to find unique and personal meaning.


Lyrics, etc. for How Can I Sing How Can I Sing(©2009)  James Faulk

She did this to me ...
Lyrics, etc. for Down the Ridge Down the Ridge(©2004)  James Faulk

Solo guitar demo

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