Dr. Squid is the without a smidgen of a doubt the hardest working live band in all of Humboldt County show business. They are the definitive go-to sonic squadron when you need to deploy a scorching potpourri of jazz, oldies, rock, country, and swing for the music-hungry masses.

A quick glance at their touring schedule reveals a non-stop rock 'n' roll carnival. Name any local party palace and Dr. Squid has rocked it: Blue Lake Casino, Steve & Dave's, Bear River Casino, Six Rivers Brewery, Humboldt Brews, and Harbor Lanes. When the band is not igniting a wildfire of rock at one of these fine local watering holes (or places of adult gambling entertainment) they also bring their vivacious sound to private parties or even classy spots like the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts.

The band has been playing together for a solid decade; what was supposed to be a one-off gig at a simple garden party has transformed into a North Coast institution. The five members of Dr. Squid immediately sensed that the spirit of Rock Destiny--in all of her leather-jacketed splendor--had other plans for their future.

The musicians of Dr. Squid are comprised of consummate professionals who have honed their chops the old fashioned way--by plugging in and playing live with like-minded troubadours all over Northern California (and even in the land down under.)

Bob Martinez holds the beat together behind the drum kit, Eldin Green dazzles on both guitar and saxophone, Ric Nelson conjures up chunks of ear candy on the keyboards, Jim Dale lays down the funk on bass guitar, and the blazing chanteuse Bridget Devaney provides the sultry vocals.

Dr. Squid's play list is fun and wildly unpredictable: Kool & The Gang's ?Get Down? will lead to a good 'ol boot stompin' rendition of Jim Croce's ?Leroy Brown? and then polished off with a funky and sexed-up ?Kiss? by Prince. This band is the apotheosis of every great wedding or bar band that you have ever seen or heard, minus the cheese and heavy on the unbridled fun that live dance music was invented for.

It is no mystery that the fine folks at the 47th Annual Klamath Salmon Festival have invited Dr. Squid to be the headliner. Dale Ann Frye Sherman, the festival organizer, summed it up best.

?We asked Dr. Squid to be part of the Salmon Festival because we want good music and dancing to be part of the celebration,? Sherman said. ?Dr. Squid is fun band that all music lovers will immediately connect with.?

The Klamath Salmon Festival is taking place on Aug. 16 in Klamath. In addition to live music, the free event will also include an array of Yurok cultural presentations, the first Ney'puey 5k Run, a car show and traditionally barbecued Klamath salmon. In addition, dozens of vendors will be selling high quality goods. And if that isn't enough entertainment for you, there will also be a stick game competition (think a full-contact sport that combines the fast-paced action of lacrosse with a dash of wrestling to make it interesting.)

The theme of this year's family friendly event is ?Celebrating Balance.? The day of the Salmon Festival will start with a free breakfast for veterans at 8 a.m. in the Yurok Tribal Office. The breakfast will be followed by a parade and car show that is guaranteed to satisfy all car enthusiasts.

Dr. Squid will take the stage at 1 p.m. Their set will lull you into a swirling cloud of undulating grooves, ensuring a magnificent Sunday afternoon.