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Dr Squid is a five piece band encompassing many genres of music including rock, jazz, oldies, country, and swing. In fact, a band that can fit into every occasion, from an outdoor concert to the most intimate gathering, night club or wedding. Dr Squid will provide the best in dance and listening music.

The very popular self-titled Dr Squid CD gets radio play all over Northern California.

Read about the musicians in the band and check out the Dr Squid song list if you like.

We have promotional pictures  and also information at your fingertips if you are interested in having Dr Squid at your event. You can even audition the band right now by viewing some live performance video

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Dr Squid: Dr Squid


Please also visit Dr Squid at www.reverbnation.com/drsquid

The music you are hearing is a LIVE performance mix from the board. Click the song you want to hear!


Lyrics, etc. for Black Horse Black Horse(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for Kiss Kiss(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for KnockOnWood KnockOnWood(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for MissYou MissYou(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for NaturalWoman NaturalWoman(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for PlayThatFunkyMusic PlayThatFunkyMusic(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for ShakyGround ShakyGround(©2012) 

Lyrics, etc. for SomethingToTalkAbout SomethingToTalkAbout(©2012) 

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