Graffiti`s roots in humboldt co. begin in 1981 with the formation of the root rockers,featuring members stephen derby,james'hawk'meisel,jerry joseph,jomo&ocean. the band was a local fave but parted two years later.Stephan and jerry went to utah to form little women and hawk,occean and michael stewart formed I-scence a southern hum. anti camp band. Graffiti started when stephen moved west in 1986 and rejoined with hawk and michael stewart,mehil kavanauh and matt horns.The band played regularly for 15 years or so changing rhythm sections mostly sometimes a key member dropping out.The bands sound focusing on original songs written by hawk,stephan&michael,styles ranging from rock,reggae,blues,funk,folk,country,jam,etc...kept local audiences rockin. Graffiti played some small tours but mostly regulars at the jabalaya,old town b&g,brewin beats(tomo)granges(benefits)&reggae on yhe river.The c.d on this page was reorded vinyl taco and remastered at bongo boy.It features hawk,mike stewart,stephen derby,james wonder and jason brown.Keep your eyes and  ears open for a graffiti reuion and  C.D in stores, cheers hawk

Lyrics, etc. for No Borders No Borders(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for The Shining The Shining(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Jaywalking Jaywalking(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Look Around Look Around(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for No Borders Dub No Borders Dub(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Eagle And The Dove Eagle And The Dove(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Darling Of Mine Darling Of Mine(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Saved Your Life Saved Your Life(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Jaywalking Dub Jaywalking Dub(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Dont Talk To Strangers Dont Talk To Strangers(©2006 Graffiti) 

Lyrics, etc. for Rock And A Hard Place Rock And A Hard Place(©2006 Graffiti) 

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