Offensive and Ugly!
Offensive and Ugly!


Jeff Langdon & Robert Tripp

"...the Fire Demons, a duo of mad men Robert “EYEPROD” Tripp, and Jeff “LEFTOVERKING” Langdon, (an ex-Hitch member) who play the kind of metal/punk/psychedelic kick you in the ass music that you’d expect if I told you “Yeah, they have an awesome song about people who wear capes.” The Fire Demons are complete DIY fanatics. Promotions, recordings, bookings, and merch are all handled by them personally.
And they have an awesome song about people who wear capes."

Quote taken from a blog entry by Daniel Lewis - Too cool for Maximum Rock & roll


Lyrics, etc. for Don't Piss Me Off! Don't Piss Me Off!(©2008)  Robert Tripp

another FUCK YOU song
Lyrics, etc. for DENTED DENTED(©2008)  Jeff Langdon

Like, this is what we do
Lyrics, etc. for Daddy Doodies IMPROV Daddy Doodies IMPROV(©2007 copyright High Grade Rock & Roll)  Robert Tripp & Jeff Langdon

doom for the paternal figure

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