Twisted  Geezer
Old Time, Grungegrass, Grassy Blues and Hillbilly Hip Hop



Lyrics, etc. for Do Re Mi Do Re Mi(©2007)  Woody Guthrie

Brother James likes to make the lyrics better suited to todays world.
Lyrics, etc. for I Like It Like That I Like It Like That(©2007)  Chris Kenner / Allen Toussaint

Lyrics, etc. for Coleman's March Coleman's March(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Over The Waterfall Over The Waterfall(©2007) 

Twisted Geezer plays at the Professor Rod Memorial Open Mic at Has Beans Coffee.
Lyrics, etc. for Laughing Just To Keep From Crying Laughing Just To Keep From Crying(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Three Little Birds Three Little Birds(©2007)  Bob Marley

Lyrics, etc. for Southbound Southbound(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for We're Twisted Geezer We're Twisted Geezer(©2006)  Ross Rowley.

Station ID for Fox 29.
Lyrics, etc. for The Blues Is Hard The Blues Is Hard(©2007)  Brother James

Brother James sings the blues.
Lyrics, etc. for Happy Acres Happy Acres(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Hard Times In A Cotton Mill Hard Times In A Cotton Mill(©2007) 

Roscoe and Brother James.
Lyrics, etc. for What Shall We Do With The Baby What Shall We Do With The Baby(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Skip To My Lou Skip To My Lou(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Down Yonder Down Yonder(©Public Domain) 

Fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Two Dollar Bill Two Dollar Bill(©2005) 

Friends playing music on Second Street.
Lyrics, etc. for Skip To My Lou B Skip To My Lou B(©2007) 

Brother James, Roscoe and Huck.

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