Twisted  Geezer
Old Time, Grungegrass, Grassy Blues and Hillbilly Hip Hop


Patrick, Huck and Brother James
Patrick, Huck and Brother James

Tunin' Up The Ol' Banjo

Twisted Geezer is the Carr, Huck duo as well as Roscoe on banjo and fiddle and Tugboat Willy on whomp bucket, and maybe Jack on mandolin. Available as two, three, four or more, for weddings, parties, wakes etc.

Play It Like It's Rote


Lyrics, etc. for Do Re Mi Do Re Mi(©2007)  Woody Guthrie

Brother James likes to make the lyrics better suited to todays world.
Lyrics, etc. for I Like It Like That I Like It Like That(©2007)  Chris Kenner / Allen Toussaint

Lyrics, etc. for Coleman's March Coleman's March(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Over The Waterfall Over The Waterfall(©2007) 

Twisted Geezer plays at the Professor Rod Memorial Open Mic at Has Beans Coffee.
Lyrics, etc. for Laughing Just To Keep From Crying Laughing Just To Keep From Crying(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Three Little Birds Three Little Birds(©2007)  Bob Marley

Lyrics, etc. for Southbound Southbound(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for We're Twisted Geezer We're Twisted Geezer(©2006)  Ross Rowley.

Station ID for Fox 29.
Lyrics, etc. for The Blues Is Hard The Blues Is Hard(©2007)  Brother James

Brother James sings the blues.
Lyrics, etc. for Happy Acres Happy Acres(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Hard Times In A Cotton Mill Hard Times In A Cotton Mill(©2007) 

Roscoe and Brother James.
Lyrics, etc. for What Shall We Do With The Baby What Shall We Do With The Baby(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Skip To My Lou Skip To My Lou(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Down Yonder Down Yonder(©Public Domain) 

Fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Two Dollar Bill Two Dollar Bill(©2005) 

Friends playing music on Second Street.
Lyrics, etc. for Skip To My Lou B Skip To My Lou B(©2007) 

Brother James, Roscoe and Huck.

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