Jeff Kelley



Lyrics, etc. for Morning Morning(©2006)  Jeff Kelley

Lyrics, etc. for Marty McJack Marty McJack(©2004)  Jeff Kelley

A Halloween like story
Lyrics, etc. for Goodbye Goodbye(©2006)  Jeff Kelley

Practice version
Lyrics, etc. for Gods in everyman Gods in everyman(©2005)  Jeff Kelley

inspired by a book of the same title by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Lyrics, etc. for Mark my words Mark my words(©2006)  Jeff Kelley

Quick rough mix of an old song by request
Lyrics, etc. for The Day She Died The Day She Died(©2005)  Jeff Kelley

gentle folk song
Lyrics, etc. for Me Tarzan Me Tarzan(©2005)  Jeff Kelley

A silly little ditty
Lyrics, etc. for Gods in Everyman Gods in Everyman(©2005)  Jeff Kelley

Inspired by a book by Jean Shinoda Bolen by the same title.
Lyrics, etc. for Cluck Old Hen Cluck Old Hen(©)  Traditional

Slackjaw playing an old time fiddle tune
Lyrics, etc. for Barlow Knife Barlow Knife(©)  traditional

Lyrics, etc. for Morpeth Rant Morpeth Rant(©)  traditional


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