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  Beware The Musical-Industrial Complex
Beware The Musical-Industrial Complex
Fiddle and guitar. Slackjaw and Twisted Geezer. Bubba and the Dubba Wides.

Old Time, Grungegrass, Grassy Blues, plus Hillbilly Hip Hop

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Lyrics, etc. for Down Yonder Down Yonder(©Public Domain) 

Old Time fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Hucks Tune Hucks Tune(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Over The Waterfall Over The Waterfall(©2007) 

Performed at the Professor Rod's Memorial Open Mic at Has Beans Coffee.
Lyrics, etc. for Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine(©2007) 

Same melody as Battle Hymn Of The Republic as well as John Brown's Body.
Lyrics, etc. for Happy Birthday Miss Rosser Happy Birthday Miss Rosser(©2007) 

My grand daughter Sophia wishes her teacher a happy birthday on Fox 29 to the tune of Washington and Lee Swing, by my friends and I.
Lyrics, etc. for First Century Reel First Century Reel(©2007) 

Fiddle tune.
Lyrics, etc. for Happy Acres Happy Acres(©2007) 

Lyrics, etc. for Cherokee Polka Cherokee Polka(©Public Domain)  Ed Haley

Lyrics, etc. for New Five Cents New Five Cents(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Westfork Gals Westfork Gals(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Swing Yer Partner Swing Yer Partner(©Public Domain) 

Fiddle Tine
Lyrics, etc. for Old Black Dog Old Black Dog(©Public Domain) 

Sung by James Carr
Lyrics, etc. for Dixie Dixie(©Public Domain)  Debatable

Old Time Fiddle Tune attributed to Dan Emmet.
Lyrics, etc. for Lost Indian Lost Indian(©Public Domain) 

Old Time Fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Alabama Gals Alabama Gals(©Public Domain)  Cool White, 1840.

Minstal show song turned fiddle tune.
Lyrics, etc. for Battle Cry Of Freedom Battle Cry Of Freedom(©Public Domain)  Words and Music: George F. Root

Lyrics, etc. for Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine(©Public Domain) 

Lyrics, etc. for Washington And Lee Washington And Lee(©Public Domain) 

The fight song of Washington and Lee University based on an old Mexican polka and used by football teams throughout this great land of ours
Lyrics, etc. for Barlow Knife Barlow Knife(©Public Domain) 

Old Time Fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Morpeth Rant Morpeth Rant(©Public Domain) 

Fiddle Tune
Lyrics, etc. for Coleman's March Coleman's March(©2007) 

Roscoe, Brother James and Huck.
Lyrics, etc. for Colerain Colerain(©2004) 

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