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"Tristin Roberts::Band - New Day Rising

Tristin Roberts::Band - New Day Rising

"KHUM Blend Vol 2" by various Humboldt musicians

"B-Bang!" by Eldin Green

"Awaken" by Laden Swallow

"B sides" by Eldin Green

"Bucky Walters" by The Bucky Walters

"Pidele A Dios" by Pepe Mafias Y Los Pepes

"Livin it" by Buddy Reed

"Not Everything's Political" by The Communist Toadies

"The West Coast Whistle" by Que La Chinga

"Barking Dogma" by Barking Dogma

"Purple House" by Purple House

"Nucleus" by Nucleus

"The World Was Ours" by The 3 Heads

"The Lazybones Bluegrass Band" by Lazybones

"Walking Bicycles" by Walking Bicycles

"1981" by The CR Big Band

"Do The Trance!" by Red Hellion

"Roots Rebellion Part 2" by 7th Generation Rise

"Dragged By Horses" by Dragged By Horses

"Zed" by Trash And Roll

"Shades Of Blue" by Mojo Brown

"Fireball Mail" by Billy Allen

"Solo" by Courtney Jaxon

"And The Really Old Chicken meat" by Dan Kelly

"Sil Vous Plait" by Karen Dumont

"Shine Bright" by Tristin Roberts Band

"No Borders" by Graffiti

"Thru Thick And Thin" by Thicker Than Thieves

"Mad Woman Blues" by Sari Baker

"Acoustic Soul" by Lesa Katani

"Metamorphic" by Melange

"Wishing List" by Anna Hamilton
EricFerguson - BrachiocephalicTrunk
"Brachiocephalic Trunk" by Eric Ferguson

"Live Studio Performance" by Ruben Diaz

"Lowlights" by The Lowlights

"RBS Syndrome" by RBS Syndrome

"Best Of" by Airhead

"Motorcycle Nursery Rhymes" by The Hitch
Michel Navedo
"Beat Poetry and Science" by Michel Navedo

"In The Valley of Enchantment" by The Cutters
Las Calaveras
"Las Calaveras" by Las Calaveras

"Dias" by Dias
"The Divebombers Demo" by The Divebombers

"Rod Deal and the I-Deals" by Rod Deal
Matty Dread and the Troubled Loners - Negative Bouyancy
"Negative Bouyancy" by Matty Dread

"Watch Me Slide" by The Dean
The Letdown - Are History
"Are History" by The Letdown

"One Love" by Madi Simmons
The Roadmasters - AlmostHome
"Almost Home" by the Roadmasters

"Sleeping In / Theta Release" by The Volt Per Octaves
John K Lucas - Talking In My Sleep
"Talking In My Sleep" by John K Lucas

"Love And Mystery" by The Tristin Roberts:Band
CorryHanna - Old Road Home
"Old Road Gone" by Corry Hanna

"The Art Of Reaching" by Nucleus
Strix Vega - Drunken Sky
"Drunken Sky" by STRIX VEGA

"Thursday Nite Jazzola" by Mr Calamari's Jazz Machine
"Moments Realized" by ASTEROID ADVOCATE
Power 96 Battle of 

the Bands winner SOMEWHERE NORTH 

with their award winning CD

"Subconscious Revolt" by SUBCONSCIOUS REVOLT

"Rat Bird Spider Cat Shrimp" by THE DEAN
Sine Bright by The Tristin Roberts Band
"Spacegirl Espionage" by The Monster Women

"Smuggler's Run" by THICKER THAN THIEVES

"Whiskey Rebellion" by The Rubberneckers

"Ordinary Supergirl" by Tamaras
The Damon Lessons by The Ian Fays
"The Damon Lessons" by The Ian Fays

"AcidFunkGrooveJazz" by SPANK
Buddy Brown and the Hound Dogs - New Tricks
"New Tricks" by Buddy Brown and the Hound Dogs

"One Fine Morning" by Papa Bear
Battle of the Rock Bands 2001 presented by KMUD
"Battle of the Rock Bands 2001" presented by KMUD

"Modern World" by Jester with Eldin Green

"Caveman Shuffle" by Jester with Eldin Green

"Foregn Language" by Jester with Eldin Green

"Sunset Saturday Night" by Jester with Eldin Green

"The Mad River" by Eldin Green

"A Brief And True Report"by HUCKLEBERRY FLINT

"Don't Mind Me (I Just Live Here)" by QUE LA CHINGA

"Chapter 1 -Introduction" by ELISION

"Still Feel You" by SARI BAKER

"Acoustic Comp" compiled by Russ Spivey

"DR SQUID" by Dr Squid

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