Chad Johnson is a singer/songwriter/guitarist living in Arcata, Ca and making as much music as possible. Chad's solo music consists of tracks recorded in his home studio with various friends, Chris Wixson - Bass, Mike Yassemi - Drums, brother Chuck Johnson - Bass, and many time all by himself. Chad has been in various Humboldt bands over the years:

Small Fish -  

Chasing Voodoo -

The Shamrocks -  (Producer, musician, backing vocalist)



Chad is also an accomplished videographer / editor and is available for work as a camera man / audio engineer / video editor / and performer.

Chads professional video work:

Chad's fun video work:

If you have a project that needs great video or audio write to: [email protected]   Otherwise, just enjoy the music! It will take you to that place you vaguely remember from your dreams, where anything is possible and secrets are revealed.




Lyrics, etc. for Plans You Made Plans You Made(©2001)  Chad

Loops and guitars.
Lyrics, etc. for Life Gets in the Way Life Gets in the Way(©2004)  Chad Johnson

2 guitars, bass and drums with an Ebow symphony
Lyrics, etc. for Vagina Holiday Vagina Holiday(©2008)  Chad Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Sexy Satan (Auto-Tune) Sexy Satan (Auto-Tune)(©2010)  Chad Johnson

Auto-tune is Satan.
Lyrics, etc. for Something Coming Something Coming(©1996)  Chad Johnson

A strange song I didn't understand when I wrote it. Now it seems to be about Dec 21, 2012
Lyrics, etc. for Homecoming Homecoming(©2007)  Chad Johnson

A song about getting back into the music scene after being out for a while.
Lyrics, etc. for Smile Smile(©2002)  Chad

I programmed some Drum/Synth/Bass patterns using the Rebirth app., then adden guitar and Voice
Lyrics, etc. for I'm a Fool I'm a Fool(©2004)  Chad Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Cool Majority Rules Cool Majority Rules(©2002)  Chad

I recorded this in ACID with my friend Chris Wixson on Bass.
Lyrics, etc. for Should Have Known Better Should Have Known Better(©2002)  Chad

2 guitars, bass and drum machine.
Lyrics, etc. for Your Vision Your Vision(©2002)  Chad

Loopy Drums, doubled guitars, doubled voices, and bass guitar.
Lyrics, etc. for You Can Let Go You Can Let Go(©2004)  Chad Johnson

Rock song with Beatlesque harmonies and a few backwards guitars.
Lyrics, etc. for Thats Nice Thats Nice(©2004)  Chad Johnson

4 peice swing
Lyrics, etc. for Christmas on L.S.D. Christmas on L.S.D.(©2002)  Chad Johnson

Read the story below.
Lyrics, etc. for Life Gets in the Way - EBow Mix Life Gets in the Way - EBow Mix(©2004)  Chad Johnson

Alternate version with only Ebow and Voice
Lyrics, etc. for Fortuna Feed Jingle Fortuna Feed Jingle(©2005)  Chad Johnson

A jingle I made using a drum loop and a dream.
Lyrics, etc. for RoboTrip D.M. RoboTrip D.M.(©1987)  Chad Johnson

I was in the air force in 1987, and needed to get high. I couldn't smoke pot, so I tried Robitussin DM, as the DM made you quite buzzed. Then I wrote a little song about it, and recorded it on my 4-Track. Like to hear it? Here 'tis...

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