Corry Hanna
Singer/Songwriter Recording Artist and Performer


I've been writing songs since the age of 11, and living and playing music in Northern California since before mannequins had nipples. My music is like a mix of Bruce Cockburn, The Beatles, and Jobim, only different. My 2003 CD "Old Road Gone" which just went aluminum, is available at local stores, Amazon, CD Baby, and my website, and downloadable on itunes and all the rest. I'm working on the next one with Grammy winner Steve Fontano. I enjoy playing live shows, recording, and breathing. I also created the underground radio show "The Remote Bros. Comedy Hour" with my bro Al, which ran on KMUD-FM for 5 1/2 years. I have a kick-ass PA system available for live events, and remote recording gear.

          A new song is available free to download on my website each month


Lyrics, etc. for Thru To You Thru To You(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Sister Silk Sister Silk(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Put It Off Put It Off(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Mr Blister Mr Blister(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Monday to Monday Monday to Monday(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Kyla Kyla(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Island In The Sky Island In The Sky(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Electric Babylon Electric Babylon(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Another Day Another Day(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for All You Can Do All You Can Do(©Corry Hanna) 

Lyrics, etc. for Disappearing Shore Disappearing Shore(©2003CorryHanna)  Corry Hanna

I'll be waiting for you, when you get to the other side

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