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Lyrics, etc. for Mixing Live - April 14th Mixing Live - April 14th(©2008)  The Pessimist

Mixing Live - April 14th '08
Lyrics, etc. for Mixing Live - April 8th Mixing Live - April 8th(©2008)  The Pessimist

Mixing Live - April 8th '08
Lyrics, etc. for Impeach My Coochie Impeach My Coochie(©)  The Pessimist

Peaches' "Impeach My Bush" vs Felix Da Housecat's "Coochie Coo"
Lyrics, etc. for Not For Abwehr Not For Abwehr(©)  The Pessimist

Pearl Jam's "Not For You" vs Black Strobe's "The Abwehr Disco"
Lyrics, etc. for NIN - Only (The Pessimist's Remix) NIN - Only (The Pessimist's Remix)(©)  The Pessimist

The Pessimist's remix of NIN's "Only"
Lyrics, etc. for America Needs War America Needs War(©)  The Pessimist

Fischerspooner's "We Need A War" vs. The Crystal Method's "The American Way"
Lyrics, etc. for South Park of Whatever South Park of Whatever(©)  The Pessimist

Liam Lynch's "United States of Whatever" vs South Park
Lyrics, etc. for Morrison's Rockin Robotic Slaves Morrison's Rockin Robotic Slaves(©)  The Pessimist

Jim Morrison vs Daft Punk's "Robot Rock"
Lyrics, etc. for Moody Moody(©)  The Pessimist

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