Sari & Mike 
Humboldt County Singer/Songwriters


Performances by Sari Baker and Mike Craghead feature original songs, clear vocals and harmony, and percussive acoustic guitar.

Get your copy of "True" at our shows, or watch local outlets.

A few songs from the CD are available below...

Keep an eye out for upcoming shows.

Mike & Sari Baker Youtube Videos: Mine (Sari) | Helen's Shadow(Mike) | Hallelujah(Cohen) | Todd's Prayer(Sari) | Something True(Sari) | First Mistake(Mike) | Water is Wide(Traditional) | Carousel(Mike) | Matter of Time(Mike) | Humtunes (58 min) Sari Baker and Mike Craghead, interviews & music


Lyrics, etc. for Mine Mine(©2002 Sari Baker)  Sari Baker

Ballad with harmony
Lyrics, etc. for Todd's Prayer Todd's Prayer(©2002)  Sari

Lyrics, etc. for First Mistake First Mistake(©2000 Mike Craghead)  Mike Craghead

Percussive guitar with vocals & harmony
Lyrics, etc. for The Water is Wide The Water is Wide(©)  Traditional

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