Jeff Kelley


 Morning(©2006)  Jeff Kelley


If you see my mind
Can you bring it home to me
I seem to have lost it
On the road to being free
Broken shackles rusting in the rain
Don't shine no more
Ball and chain have passed away
I miss you more and more

Be wishing what you care for
Or you'll hear the silent door
Ain't no naked footsteps
Coming cross the floor

I used to be of one mind
But now it's split in two
I've lost all ability
To even make it through
Winter nights with eyes wide open
Town around me sleeps
A pill becomes a pillow
And my dreams are screaming beeps

Be wishing what you care for
And rise up in the morning
The dead won't wake you up
But they'll break you up
And leave you to morning
Day don't come no more
Leave me alone
Leave me morning

(no "Story Behind the Song" is available)

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