Jeff Kelley


 Gods in Everyman(©2005)  Jeff Kelley

I'm bound to stay off the next train I can find
I sound like many who came before me but less devine
I look in the lamplight no matter what I'm trying to find
My devotion is fickle my ambition is blind
I'm a wino without any wine
A hobo stays home all the time
A legend in my own damn mind
Thanks for thinking I'm something you're really much to kind
There's gods in everyman but I still ain't true to mine

Now the garden's a growing got a crop of gopher mounds
The paints appealing there's flakes the size of corn on the ground
And the leaves haven't left and the rake is just sitting around
The whiskey bottle looks less pretty as the level goes down
I'm a singer without any folks
A comic cannot tell jokes
A wheel within a wheel without spokes
Rumors I'm living are really an elaborate hoax
If there's gods in everyman then it's fine time they awoke

Asleep at the keyboard I awoke in a dream
I know I saw Noah sailing off without me
I turned my back to the sea
The words of the Oracle rained down on me
In a voice like a trombone
From lips carved of smooth stone
She said I must leave home
And stand on my own
I awoke with a great sense of peace

Now the ties are a blur and the tracks are a chunking the wheels
My voice ringing louder with words like banana peels
I yell oh please forgive me I'm giving exceptional deals
Back slipping and sliding but still making progress she feels
I'm a pilgrim without destination
A tireless inflation
I'll sell you a celebration
Perhaps I am actually cause for mild elation
Bacchus's plan is libations and beds full of fun

(no "Story Behind the Song" is available)

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