Time will Tell - Someday EP(©2005)  Jenifer Breeze

From the begginning till the end
there's been a message that's been coming down again
Oh man wake up it's time now to fill your cup
Cast away all your fears
and the light you will see
and the sound you will hear
But only time will tell
we'll never find water from this world's empty well
there are oceans inside of us
why are we living in this hell
Only time will tell
When I saw his face
it left a memory no time could erase
When I saw his eyes
they left me hipnotized
like the prophets the sages and the saints
Many mysteries in life come together
come unite
make it last forever
There's a call out on the dark edge of the ocean (twice)

"Story Behind the Song:"
Written in 2002, recorded in 2005 and inspired by meetings with holy Saints, Sant Thakar Singh and living Master Sant Balgit Singh, teacher of meditation on the inner holy light and sound, for more information on meditation check out
The phrase "we'll never find water from this world's empty well, there are oceans inside of us" are the words of the MASTER. My interpretation of this wording is that we must go within through the process of contemplation/meditation to recieve the nectar of life which is from the spirit's everlasting life current in the form of light and sound. Time will tell also means that no man can escape time and we must use time to our benifit. In essence, reveal our true nature (light) of the soul/spirit while in this life.

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