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The Leftoverking plays electronic music featuring some loops mixed with live instrumentation, blended together in a garage based post industrial collage. To visit the Leftoverking's home page click on the press link above.


Lyrics, etc. for this train this train(©)  woody guthrie

started out as a drum track test, and became a song.
Lyrics, etc. for monkeys monkeys(©leftoverkingmusic 2005)  j langdon

the recording was an awful adat one, but i included it here because it was fun.
Lyrics, etc. for cape cape(©c 2004 leftoverkingmusic)  j langdon

song about some dude on the plaza sporting a cape.
Lyrics, etc. for shorty shorty(©2004 leftoverkingmusic)  j langdon

short song with short discription.
Lyrics, etc. for garbage garbage(©2003 leftoverkingmusic)  j langdon

Song about garbage. Slow tempo and slide guitar make this one a brain scratcher.
Lyrics, etc. for hole in the ground hole in the ground(©2003 leftoverkingmusic)  leftoverking

I don't care if your boss don't like me cause he dosen't know his ass from a hole in the gound!
Lyrics, etc. for brainwashed brainwashed(©November, 20 1969)  Raymond Douglas Davies

Just for fun desktop recording of a favorite Kink's tune, and why not???
Lyrics, etc. for dented dented(©2003 leftoverkingmusic)  leftoverking

Walking down the street, I don't want ot meet your blooshot eyes. I don't want to step in a dog sh*t, I don't want to stop and eat at MacDonalds.
Lyrics, etc. for chicken scratch chicken scratch(©2003 leftoverkingmusic)  leftoverking

Caution-parental advisory-explicit lyrics.
Lyrics, etc. for best in show best in show(©2002 leftoverkingmusic)  leftoverking

what do want more than anything in the whole world?
Lyrics, etc. for i ate a potato i ate a potato(©2002 leftoverkingmusic)  leftoverking

Short song bemoaning the drudgery of bland cuisine.

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