Music - Soundtracks, Electronic, Darkwave, Gothic,
Music - Soundtracks, Electronic, Darkwave, Gothic,


Since 1989, Peter Stone (aka Bat) of Xorcist has been a main force in shaping the gothic, industrial and darkwave scene. From writing music for CDs, Films, Videos and touring nationally to running and DJing the largest gothic/industrial club in the USA (House Of Usher 90-94).

Lyrics, etc. for Meditatio Meditatio(©2000-2003 Xorcist)  Xorcist

Off SOUL REFLECTION. A drifting ambient electronica dream.
Lyrics, etc. for Scorched Blood (Torch Mix) Scorched Blood (Torch Mix)(©1999-2003 Xorcist)  Xorcist

Scorched Blood off the Scorched Blood EP.
Lyrics, etc. for Smells Like Teen Spirit Smells Like Teen Spirit(©Original - Nirvana | Remix - Xorcist)  Nirvana

Remix of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
Lyrics, etc. for Number 1 Crush Number 1 Crush(©Original - Garbage | Remix - Xorcist)  Garbage

This is a remix of Garbage's #1 Crush.
Lyrics, etc. for Two Tribes - Xorcist Mix Two Tribes - Xorcist Mix(©Original - Frankie Goes To Hollywood | Remix - Xor)  Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Fluke did a remix of FGTH's Two Tribes and it was severly lacking. I remixed his remix.
Lyrics, etc. for Spider (8 legged mix) Spider (8 legged mix)(©2000-2003 Xorcist)  Xorcist

Off the Insects and Angels album. This track is a remix of the original off the NOMAD album.

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