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The band came together in the summer of 2002 when guitarist Kevin Hayes and singer/songwriter Rick Elliott joined bassist Justin Beranich and drummer Nick Davidson to start a band dedicated to music first and foremost. The trio practiced for months jamming and putting together loose versions of early tunes.The quartet then began putting together their repertoire. After the fall of 2002, the band started to make personnel changes to insure that the band would be able to tour successfully in the coming years ahead. After an exhausting search Rick and Kev decided on Chris Wixson on bass, Chris Noonan on sax and Chris Dinoto on drums. All three new members were also gigging with other local bands... and there you have it!!!

Lyrics, etc. for Six Up Six Up(¬©Green Street Music)  Elliott/Hayes

Lyrics, etc. for Time Time(¬© Green Street Music) 

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