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The Checkered Demons (named after an obnoxious but lovable "ZAP Comics" character) are a group of seasoned musicians who drifted together about 5 years ago and immediatly bonded both musically and personally. The core of the band, guitarist Dave Lewiston, bass player Dick Van Hoose, and drummer Greg Allen have played together for over 15 years in such local favorites as Dirty Money, Puffin, and Fire & Ice.

Iowa born Lewiston began life as a hardworking farmboy, but after taking up guitar as a teenager soon slipped into a life of sloth and debauchery. He fled the Midwest in haste and has been hiding out in Eureka since 1982.

Bassist Van Hoose escaped the degenerate lifestyle of 70's L.A. to lead a quiet life of abstinence and self denial. He remains celibate to this day.

After a misguided youth spent terrorizing the Bay Area, drummer Greg Allen saddled up his Harley and headed north to pursue his dream of becoming a Mountain Man. He settled in Orick and has declared himself Emperor of all he surveys.

Marin County resident Jim Wellington saddled up his saxophone and rode it north to study engineering at HSU. This proved to be valuable training for his current occupation as a chef.

Humboldt native Jeff Delong picked up the harmonica after seeing Paul Butterfield at the Monterey Pop Festival. This began his long, slow descent into that particular corner of Hell reserved for blues harp players.

So that's Checkered Demons- like our namesake we're sometimes obnoxious, usually irreverent, occasionally a bit crazy, but always lovable and ready to play some hot rockin' blues.


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