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In 1973 the Jester band was formed to prove to the world that rock music was a bonified art form. Eldin Green, David Owens, David Price and Scott Myers were the original members of the band. A few years down the road Tom Mitchell filles the bass slot and in the final year Jed Blackburn played bass.

One of the main goals of the band was to write songs that were challenging to play as musicians and also to be appealing to an audience that  was interested in a diverse musical experience. Jester was all over the map when it came to a musical genre. As a four piece band, Jester covered a lot of ground encompassing jazz rhythms along with ideas from years of experience in classical music training and music theory.

JESTER COMPLETE contains many of the songs written during the 6 year career of the band. Recorded by Andre Champagne at a variety of locations, it is comprehensive in scope. Pop, rock, and jazz-fusion are all themes inherent in the Jester catalogue.

The band met Don Dorsey along the way. A producer and engineer, Don worked with Jester developing the UNMASKED CD, recording the project at International Automated Media in 1979. The resulting CD is a polished project which shows the band at it's peak.

The UNMASKED CD can be purchased HERE

In 1996, Eldin Green and David Price came together and wrote a collection of songs for the MODERN WORLD CD. 15 years after the band went after a long hiatus, Jester rose from the ashes to present listeners with a more modern presentation of the band. Remeniscent of the previous incarnations of the music, it is a succesful progression of the musical identity forged by these musical minds


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