Splinter Cell 


 Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell

James, Sean, and Jeff have been playing music together for about 3 years, first in Henpecker, an irreverent war/Bush protest band, and very briefly in Artifacts of Pleasure.

Now this team forms the nucleus of Splinter Cell, a fun new rock band based in Humboldt County, California. Splinter Cell features original songs, and with 3 song writers, no two songs sound much alike.


Lyrics, etc. for Vampires Vampires(©2009)  Music and Lyrics: James Forbes

Lyrics, etc. for Black Thumb Black Thumb(©2009)  Music and Lyrics: James Forbes

Lyrics, etc. for It's Not Love It's Not Love(©2009)  Music: Sean Ennis; Lyrics: Sean Ennis and James Forbes

Lyrics, etc. for That's Pathetic That's Pathetic(©2009)  Music: Jeff Langdon and Sean Ennis; Lyrics: Jeff Langdon

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