Out of the Blue 
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You can expect anything coming from Out of the Blue, a jazz oriented, multi-faceted jewel of a band. We are full of original tunes as well as our take on Cole Porter, Tom Waits, Greg Brown, Sting, David Byrne, and other American song traditions. Beth Wells fronts the quartet with her spot on dedication to every songs she sings. Andy Barnett (keys and trumpet), Gene Brown (drums), and Peter Weissman (bass), round out the group. 

Lyrics, etc. for You Haunt Me You Haunt Me(©) 

Smokey and slinky. A love song for the ages.
Lyrics, etc. for Moliendo Cafe Moliendo Cafe(©)  Beth Wells

This Latin standard inspired Beth to sing about her favorite vice, be it hot or with ice.
Lyrics, etc. for Bluebird Bluebird(©)  Andy barnett, Beth Wells

An original jazz tune with a rich sound that takes flight. It's all about spreading the wings for that well deserved break from the everyday.
Lyrics, etc. for Too Darn Hot Too Darn Hot(©)  Cole Porter

A classic searing its way into your heart. Up-tempo and jumping.

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