Garberville Town Band 
Good Loud Fun!


12 piece horn band for dances, parties and community events playing killer tunes from around the world in the village band tradition. Jazzy, multi-cultural, 100% acoustic. Great for school assemblies, too!. We got salsa, rock, New Orleans funk, Balkan, the taste of Brazil, even a tango!

Lyrics, etc. for Moliendo Cafe Moliendo Cafe(©)  arranged by Gregg Moore

Classic Latin dance tune. Big fat sound from the GTB.
Lyrics, etc. for Lumpy Gravy Lumpy Gravy(©)  Zappa arranged by Gregg Moore

The way Zappa would have wanted it. Loud and greasy.
Lyrics, etc. for Mardi Gras in New Orleans Mardi Gras in New Orleans(©) 

The classic street tune from the Big Easy. Gregg Moore rages on trombone.
Lyrics, etc. for Chan Chan Chan Chan(©)  arranged by Jimmy Durschlag

Sweet classic tune from Cuba. Popularized in US by the Buena Vista Social Club.
Lyrics, etc. for Gracias Gracias(©)  Rufay Latino, arranged by Gregg Moore

South American party music. A joyous powerhouse of a song. Peggy Andrews rips the tenor sax.
Lyrics, etc. for Bay a Glazele Mashe (Have a Glass!) Bay a Glazele Mashe (Have a Glass!)(©)  traditional arranged by Gregg Moore

Klezmer mania with Jimmy Durschlag and Peggy Andrews battling away. Hold on!
Lyrics, etc. for Mustafavo Mustafavo(©)  Traditional arranged by Gregg Moore

Balkan tune from Macedonia. Even if you don't know where Macedonia is you can still dance your keister off to this one.

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