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Vintage JAZZ


Vintage JAZZ band Bio:

Vintage JAZZ is a local trio who perform traditional jazz standards and originals.  The group is comprised of guitarist Kevin Danel, bassist Bill Kirby, and drummer Bill Moehnke.  All three members have extensive musical backgrounds and have invested decades to practice and performance in support of their musical endeavors. 

Kevin Danel covers the melody and harmony for a comprehensive repertoire of tunes that are contemporary and eclectic.  Kevin?s jazz interpretations compliment the poetic progressions while his soulful and expressive style captures attention.

Bill Kirby commands the timing, structure and flow of the music. In other words, Bill makes each tune into an adventure, using his technique and style to both sooth and excite the listener.

Bill Moehnke provides orchestration of the arrangements through his percussive drumming techniques, guiding the trio like the rudder on a boat.  Bill?s musical training and years of service to the local music community make him an asset to the region and a joy to see play. Vintage JAZZ can be reached at: 707-441-8701 or emailed at: [email protected]

Other performers with Vintage JAZZ (and may perform with us again soon):

Aber Miller-Keyboards

Abraham Chase-Muhammad-Drums

Baron Wolfe-Bass

Brad -Bass

Dave Wilson-Bass

Jeff Daugherty-Bass

Lukas Hein-Sax

Matt Brogdon-Sax

Michael Dieter-Bass

Mike Meyers-Drums

Mike Swartz-Drums

Paublo Rotter-Drums

Shao Way Wu-Bass

Tommy Fitzmaurice-Drums


Lyrics, etc. for Misty Misty(©2008)  Errol Garner

a little bit of Misty performed at the Blue Lake Casino summer 2008.
Lyrics, etc. for Lakeside View Lakeside View(©1986)  Kevin Danel

Original backing track

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