The Delta Nationals 
Classic American Music


      Photo: Bob Doran; graphic: by CV Pennington.
Photo: Bob Doran; graphic: by CV Pennington.
The Delta Nationals play classic American dance music. In five years they have become one of the most sought after dance/party bands on the North Coast. The group covers styles like jump blues/swing, rockabilly, '50's and '60's rock and roll, classic country, New Orleans R&B and '60's Southern soul. Their original songs reflect these influences and more.      The Band released its debut live CD "Get Out," in April 2005, a mixture of the band's original songs and their versions of vintage American dance songs. It has received strong airplay on KHUM-FM, KHSU-FM and KMUD-FM.
The band will go into the studio in May 2006 to begin recording an album of all original songs they've written. Tim Gray of Mrytletown Records will engineer and produce.   


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