Viols, Recorders, Krumhorns & All 


Players (from left, clockwise) Jan Futrell, viola; Carolyn Moskowitz, c-bass recorder & krumhorn; Dave Abell, alto & tenor  recorders & percussion; Nona Kraus, soprano, alto, tenor, bass recorders; Jeanne Pendergast, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor recorders; Terry Kramer, violin;   Not shown: Gil Cline, Early Music Consultant


The recorders, krumhorn & natural ropes drums are based on Renaissance instruments. Although the violin & viola are modern, they are played using a "floating bow" technique that gives an old viol sound.


Our group has been playing for public events & schools since Fall, 2000. We do not charge for non-profit groups or vendors sponsoring a non-profit event. Otherwise, our charge is $25 per person per hour payable in cash or gift certificates.



Lyrics, etc. for Rondes Rondes(©1571-1621)  M. Praetorius

Two dances modified for VRKaA. Instsruments: 2 recorders, 1 ea. krumhorn, violin, viola & "natural ropes drum". Drum is tuned by pulling leather pieces down criss-crossed ropes to tighten the goatskin head.
Lyrics, etc. for Dance of Victory Dance of Victory(©1600's)  J. Kuhna

This is a sedate sounding celebration of an unknown victory. Instrumentation: 3 recorders, ranging from 12 inches to 4 feet in length, 1 ea. violin, viola, & natural ropes drum.
Lyrics, etc. for Philov Philov(©1571-1621)  M. Praetorius

This is one a 3 formal dances by M. Pratorius. Instrumentation: 3 recorders, 1 ea. violin, viola, & tambourine

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