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   'Awaken' in stores NOW!!!
'Awaken' in stores NOW!!!

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Laden Swallow at Old Town Fall Concerts 2007

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With their self-produced debut album 'Awaken', Mark Staley, Justin Vanegas, Josh Leong and Chad Helmonds look to bring their diverse and unique brand of modern rock to audiences far beyond the secluded and scenic Humboldt County they call home.

The band's first demos sounded more like jangly pop than the harder rock found on 'Awaken'. The band credits most of this change to the incorporation of Chad Helmonds, a drummer more rooted in metal than the 90's pop and alternative influence of the other members, into the band to replace the founding drummer. This influence can be felt throughout 'Awaken', especially on the heavy, driving "Misdirection" and "Heroine" as well as the epic album closer "Pull In Case of Fire".

Laden Swallow also shows an inherent knack for creating touching and poignant songs with album highlight "Blast Off". The song was originally two songs that Mark would play together as one during solo acoustic shows. These two songs were molded into one cohesive whole during the recording of the album and is now one of many stand out songs on the album.

You can check out and order 'Awaken' RIGHT NOW at CD

Lyrics, etc. for Star Crossed Star Crossed(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Heroine Heroine(©2007)  Laden Swallow

An examination of love, drugs and the lengths that people go to for both.
Lyrics, etc. for Dear Monica Dear Monica(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Fault Line Fault Line(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Until Then Until Then(©2007)  Laden Swallow

The first single off of 'Awaken'. Strong vocals over soaring guitar riffs create a perfect blend of pop-punk and metal.
Lyrics, etc. for Blast Off Blast Off(©2007)  Laden Swallow

A more subdued acoustic song about both the joy and regret that come with a serious relationship.
Lyrics, etc. for Supertele Supertele(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Inertia Inertia(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for New Song New Song(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Misdirection Misdirection(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Contents Under Pressure Contents Under Pressure(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Suburban Nights Suburban Nights(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Pull In Case Of Fire Pull In Case Of Fire(©2006)  Laden Swallow

Lyrics, etc. for Hidden Track Hidden Track(©2006)  Laden Swallow

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