Dave Mann - Vocals
Lenny Todd - Guitar
Kent Stanley - Bass
Albert Clark - Keyboards

Micah Crossley - Drums

Melange was born in the Redwoods in hidden reaches of Humboldt County in July of 1998.  During its infancy it consisted of Dave Mann (Vocals/guitar), Krissn (backing vocals), and Kent Stanley (bass).  All lived on the Van Duzen River and played original tunes written by Dave Mann at the nearby beer garden.  Soon they reached early childhood and added drummer Jack Luttrell from Fortuna and started playing venues all over the county.  During adolescence (2005) they developed a guitarist - Lenny Todd (also from Fortuna) who brought soaring, sultry leads to the melange of sound.    In early adulthood (2007) they brought pianist/keyboardist Albert Clark, from Eureka, into the musical fold.  Recently (2008) Micah Crossley, a brilliant young drummer from Fortuna joined their ranks. 

 Melange continues to stick to original material with all band members contributing to the writing.  Their style is very difficult to pin down as each member brings a plethora of differing musical influences.  This is one of the reasons for the band name being Melange.   The band is currently putting the final touches on their third album "Glimmer in the Blue" and gigging whenever opportunity presents itself.

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Lyrics, etc. for Burning Burning(©2007)  Melange

Off of the upcoming album "Glimmer in the Blue"
Lyrics, etc. for On the Make (live) On the Make (live)(©2007)  Melange

Live version of "On the Make" off of the upcoming album "Glimmer in the Blue"
Lyrics, etc. for OTM OTM(©2006)  Dave Mann

Instrumental version of "On the Make" off of the upcoming album "Glimmer in the Blue"
Lyrics, etc. for N 2 My Luv N 2 My Luv(©2003 Melange)  Dave Mann

The band's newest single off of the upcomming album "Glimmer in the Blue".
Lyrics, etc. for All I Want All I Want(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for All I Want (directory assistance mix) All I Want (directory assistance mix)(©1999)  Dave Mann

Lyrics, etc. for BLS BLS(©1999)  Dave Mann

Lyrics, etc. for Point Of View Point Of View(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Danger Line Danger Line(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Take Me Down Take Me Down(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Outta My Head (live) Outta My Head (live)(©2003)  Dave Mann

Live version recorded at the Swain's Flat Outpost, Carlotta, CA in 2003.
Lyrics, etc. for The Surrender The Surrender(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Hada De Oboeru Hada De Oboeru(©1999)  Dave Mann

Our first attempt at writing a song in a different language.
Lyrics, etc. for Cheerio Cheerio(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Under Cover Under Cover(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Feel The Rain Feel The Rain(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Handcuff Handcuff(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Shade Of Night Shade Of Night(©1999)  Dave Mann

Lyrics, etc. for Thunder of Desire Thunder of Desire(©2002)  Dave Mann

First single off of the new album "Through the Skin"
Lyrics, etc. for Tribe Tribe(©1999) 

Lyrics, etc. for Animas Animas(©1999) 

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