The Hearth Tent 
Free-form community music space with lots of world instruments and drums


Musical tent full of world instruments for all to enjoy. At a festival or private event near you. Hosted by the Hearth Family, a musical collective from northern Humboldt county, CA. We bring out our collection of amazing instruments to share. Great interactive fun and learning for kids of all ages. No experience necessary, but the experience is necessary. A comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for participating or just listening to and watching the community music happen. The hosts are facilitators to provide rhythms, melodies and sounds that allow others to interact with and contribute to a musical group. There's no pressure to perform, but there are plenty of opportunities for free-form movement, dance, and drumming or experimenting with some unusual instruments that are rarely seen. Bring your own instrument or drum and come jam in the tent! We often have, but do not necessarily provide battery-powered amplification, so bring your own if you need it or try and make prior arrangements and we'll work to accomodate you. We also have a 500w pa system for when there is power. Visit our website for more photos and mp3's.

Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2005 2 Hearth Tent 2005 2(©Hearth Family Music) 

trance music with glenn smith on the balafon at summer arts 2005
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2004 3 Hearth Tent 2004 3(©Hearth Family Music)  improvised

Wacky sax and other sounds in the Hearth Tent.
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2004 1 Hearth Tent 2004 1(©Hearth Family Music)  improvised

An odd afrobeat jam from the tent at Benbow summer arts & music festival 2004
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2004 2 Hearth Tent 2004 2(©Hearth Family Music)  improvised

guitar and saz jam from the Hearth Tent at Summer Arts 2004
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2005 3 Hearth Tent 2005 3(©Hearth Family Music) 

a taste of traditional west african drumming by some tent-goers at summer arts 2005
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2005 1 Hearth Tent 2005 1(©Hearth Family Music) 

summer arts 2005. the pennywhistle and hoots are coming from a regular tent participant we see almost every year at this fair. he never comes in the tent, but he always plays along on pennywhistle as he dances around in the shade.
Lyrics, etc. for Hearth Tent 2005 4 Hearth Tent 2005 4(©Hearth Family Music) 

women singing and drumming

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