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PONCHE! (pronounced "Pone-CHE!") is an 7 piece, High energy salsa band

Whose members are comprised of talent as near to us as Humboldt County and

As far as Argentina and Spain. These players have been in many Latin , jazz and reggae Bands, and from this WELL of professional experience, bring a Musical Ingenuity

To create an evening of Irresistible Dance Rhythms.

The musical inspiration for the group is the new evolution of Afro-Cuban music,or

"Timba", (pronounced "Teem-bah"), which combines Funky Rhythmic Grooves with

The Bold and Exciting melody lines of Salsa and Jazz, into a Blistering fusion of

Polyrythms that simply pull people to the dance floor and keep them there!!

The Modified Drum Set with the addition of Timbales and Latin Percussion instruments, Congas, Guiro, Piano, and Electric Base Guitar form the foundation for

the soaring Saxophone, explosive Trumpet, and Trombone section.

With these elements, the merging of the sounds of Salsa, Rhumba, Songo, Jazz, Rock,

Funk, and tones of Hip-Hop, represent the Blending of Cultures African, Spanish, and French, giving testament to the Beautiful Diversity and far reaching appeal of the

Ever changing face of the music of CUBA!!

Originally an instrumental dance band, PONCHE! now performs mostly vocal tunes, creating a whole new level of Excitement and Authenticity.


PONCHE! Has performed at numerous festivals, such as the Oyster Festival, The Summer Arts Fair on Benbow Lake, and REGGAE on the RIVER.



Lyrics, etc. for cubana jam cubana jam(©)  ponche!

Lyrics, etc. for chica de nieve chica de nieve(©ponche) 

Lyrics, etc. for que siga que siga(©ponche) 

Lyrics, etc. for papa chango papa chango(©Ponche)  Ponche

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