The Shamrocks 
Modern Rock and Roll


The Shamrocks currently hail from Arcata, California, far

behind the Redwood Curtain where kindness grows like weeds

and music sprouts from seeds.

Their music -while refreshing and new -harkens back to the

sound of great sixties classics, the British invasion and a lil bit

of Texas-sometimes.

The members of the group are...

Randy “The Sham” Lacy – Lead Vocals,  Acoustic Guitar

Songwriting. Sham started the band as a recording project

with various musicians sitting in on various songs and

continues adding new compositions to the Shamrocks catalog.


Chad Johnson – Many Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass,

 Audio Engineering and overall Production.  Chad joined

forces with the Sham in July 2006 as a hired hand assigned

to record a few demo songs, but abruptly took over the songs

and flagrantly played every instrument other than Sham’s

guitar in an attempt to fill some vaguely understood void in

his personality.


Chuck Johnson – Bass Guitar. Chuck was brought in to knock

Chad out long enough to get some bass parts played by

someone more talented at the bass than the afore mentioned



The Shamrocks make music that will stick with you like the

finest sunset you ever did see- like your first love- like your

first concert (the good one) and your first breath- the one that

got you started on your way. Breathe deep and enjoy

the Shamrocks!


Lyrics, etc. for Sunny Day Sunny Day(©2007)  Randy Lacy

Upbeat acoustic rock
Lyrics, etc. for Latin Baby Latin Baby(©2007)  Randy Lacy

A swingin' song about the fun you can have with Latina ladies.
Lyrics, etc. for Santa Monica Santa Monica(©2007)  Randy Lacy

Rock with a Punk attitude
Lyrics, etc. for Angela Angela(©2007)  Randy Lacy

Slower Twist beat with 2 guitars, bass and drums.

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