Mahogany Fade
Get faded



Lyrics, etc. for The Tree The Tree(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

A rough edit of the fist part of The Trip.
Lyrics, etc. for The Trip (part two) The Trip (part two)(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

Lyrics, etc. for The Trip (part one) The Trip (part one)(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

whilst on a trip, we came across some jams
Lyrics, etc. for Fog on the River Fog on the River(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

Recorded in Junction City on 6/6/06
Lyrics, etc. for I Kill Demons I Kill Demons(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

don't you?
Lyrics, etc. for A Hero Walks Amongst Us A Hero Walks Amongst Us(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

Another Jam
Lyrics, etc. for It Turned Into a Disco It Turned Into a Disco(©2006)  Mahogany Fade

no frills live recoring of a little diddy we came up with
Lyrics, etc. for Up On Cripple Creek Up On Cripple Creek(©)  The Band

Tyler Sings!
Lyrics, etc. for For What Its Worth For What Its Worth(©)  Buffalo Springfield

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