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   Sean, Brett, Jeff, James @ The Alibi
Sean, Brett, Jeff, James @ The Alibi

With tongue firmly in cheek, Henpecker celebrates life's simple joys and laments its shortcomings with its fun mix of originals and obscure cover tunes. At the core of this band is a trio of singer/songwriters playing acoustic and electric bass and six string guitars. Harmonica and percussion round out the unpretentious, infectious sound of the typical Henpecker set.

Henpecker embraces the roots of folk music by singing from the grass-roots perspective. Henpecker's members have expanded musical reach of their punk sensibilities by inclusion of traditional folk music and country, casting an ever skeptical eye toward politicians, corporations, religion, and popular culture. Regardless of the type of song, Henpecker adds their own styles while keeping true to the genre.

The Henpecker experience reminds us that life is far from perfect, and encourages us to persevere in pursuit of common truth. A Henpecker show welcomes you to celebrate the frustration, joys, irony and humor of living in 21st century America.

Henpecker is based in Northern California, formed by long-time North Coast transplants Brett Shuler, James Forbes, and Sean Ennis. All three founding members share singing and songwriting duties, including three part harmonies and group chants. Brett and Sean play hollow body and solid body guitars respectively. James plays electric and acoustic bass guitar. Adding percussion to the mix is drummer Jeff Langdon.

Brett Shuler is a notorious folk songwriter hailing from the East, having migrated up and down the west coast to hone his musical and culinary chops including stints in groups such as The Yowling Zygotes and Brett the Truck.

James Forbes provides the human backbone behind premier super-pop band, The Buffy Swayze, and jukebox cross-dressers, The Cover Girls.

Sean Ennis plays the squealy guitar parts for Iron Rain, a favorite of bikers everywhere. He has on occasion been talked into playing his electric bass guitar for a few tamer projects such as Marooned Women and Omele de Omere.

Jeff Langdon plays drums for Henpecker, but doles out crunchy guitar riffs for The Hitch, and has a crazy brother named Leftover King.


Lyrics, etc. for Gastros Gastros(©2007)  Brett "The Truck" Shuler

It ain't gourmet, but, Hey! It makes a turd!
Lyrics, etc. for Responsibility Responsibility(©2007)  Henpecker

Responsibility is not my middle name!
Lyrics, etc. for Airports Airports(©2007)  Sean Ennis

I like airplanes, but aiports totally suck!
Lyrics, etc. for Equals Zero Equals Zero(©2007)  James Forbes

41, 43, still equals zero to me!

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