Lead Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter


       A Girl And Her Guitar
A Girl And Her Guitar

Lyrics, etc. for World Turning World Turning(©2005)  Kristine

A sweet song, something different, and watch for the cool instrumental in the middle after the bridge. Another great song from my band! Check out my drummer, Phil, he's amazing on this song!
Lyrics, etc. for Do You Do You Do Do You Do You Do(©2005)  Kristine

Lyrics, etc. for Sapphire Burning Slow Blues Sapphire Burning Slow Blues(©2005)  Kristine

Kristine blazes through Hendrix style slow and heavy blues with 8 minutes of lead guitar like none you've heard before from a woman. This song was done while home from work on a sick day, and a great way to spend a sick day indeed!

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