Continental Breakfast 
Christian / Rock / Acoustic


Continental Breakfast is a long story: Located in Humboldt County in Northern California it started out in the spring of 2004 when we were getting ready to lead the worship @ Blue Slide Christian Camp which is just up the mountain from Arcata or Eureka CA depending on which way you are coming from. When the "camp band" formed it consisted of seven people: Me, Adam Hurley on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals, Andy Leong on Electric Guitar and Background Vocals, Josh Leong (Andy's older brother) on Electric Guitar and......well Electric guitar, Nate Hoffman on Bass, Conor Bent on Drums, and we had two female vocalists @ Camp, Jenn Garrett and Breeane Simpson. That was all fun and great. Fastforward to 2005; the girls no longer sing with us and Nate took off to Austria to be a FES (foriegn exchange student) But the guys and I have still continue to play and after a lot of time spent pulling our hair out and playing the same stuff over and over again we have finally written some songs and decided to record. Hey who knows we might even set up some shows soon ya never know. But our main goal is to reach people for God. This is not about us rockin peoples socks off its about reaching the lost and worshiping our Lord. We owe everything to him. I hope you enjoy the songs and that they touch you in some way.

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