Vryl Society 
Space Rock


Vryl Society was started in the Winter of 2005 by Robert Tripp and Chris Titan of Eureka, California. The Society began as a concept vehicle for contacting outside intelligence through music and sound. Technology was provided by Mr. Tripp and one Kevin McCabe. The vehicle was powered by humans and directed by Mr. Tripp with concepts and support provided by Dr. Titan. Two public performances are on record from the time period Dec 2005-Jan 2006. In early 2006 new humans were brought in and retrofitted. Shortly thereafter space sickness plagued the machine and some humans left the ship including Dr. Titan. At this point the controls of the vehicle were taken over entirely by Mr. Tripp. New humans were once again introduced and retrofitted. Many formulas were tested and thrown away until finally a successful batch began producing desired results. One public performance is on record from Aug 2006, but was limited to Mr. Tripp and his assistant, Nancy. Space sickness again plagued the Society, this time claiming Mr. Tripp himself and finally the vehicle was laid to rest. Now only a log of the sonic travels remains...


Lyrics, etc. for Snakes Come Out Tonight Snakes Come Out Tonight(©Borderlands Music 2006) 

Lyrics, etc. for Strange Eye Strange Eye(©2006 Borderlands music) 

Lyrics, etc. for Planet Sludge Planet Sludge(©Borderlands Music 2005) 

Lyrics, etc. for In the City of Planet Sludge  In the City of Planet Sludge (©Borderlands Music 2005) 

Lyrics, etc. for VBorg Experiment VBorg Experiment(©Borderland Music 2006) 

Lyrics, etc. for We Know We Know(©Borderland Music 2006) 

Lyrics, etc. for Zapfro Zapfro(©Borderland Music 2006) 

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