King Salmon 
Acoustic Blues & American Music


King Salmon R.I.P.
Acoustic fingerpickin' blues trio from northern Humboldt had a short, but fun life peaking with performances at Arts Alive in Mckinleyville and Live on KHUM FM broadcasting from the Arcata Co-op in 2006.

Some members can be found playing guitars in the VRYL SOCIETY and HIGH GRADE, as well as other places.

Paul Ricard-guitar,vocals,bass

Kevin McCabe-guitar,vocals

Robert Tripp-bass,guitar,vocals


Lyrics, etc. for Hesitation Blues Hesitation Blues(¬©traditional) 

Lyrics, etc. for Big Boss Man Big Boss Man(¬©traditional) 

Lyrics, etc. for He was a man He was a man(¬©traditional) 

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