Swing, R&B, Rock, Jazz...Good, classy dance music!



Lyrics, etc. for Can't Help Myself (90 second clip) Can't Help Myself (90 second clip)(©2007)  Bob Olofson

A "retro-cool" jazz vocal piece froum our new CD "Jump Jive Swing", somewhat ala Pink Martini.
Lyrics, etc. for Firecrackin' Daddy (90 second clip) Firecrackin' Daddy (90 second clip)(©2007)  Kevin Johnson/Bob Olofson

A nice swing/jump tune, second cut on "Jump Jive Swing". Good dance music!
Lyrics, etc. for Expensive Chords (90 second clip) Expensive Chords (90 second clip)(©2002)  Jeffrey Smoller, Kathy Lee

Lush and laid-back, beautiful instrumental and vocal melodies.
Lyrics, etc. for Frankie's Song (90 second clip) Frankie's Song (90 second clip)(©2007)  Annette Holland, Bob Olofson

A 30's sounding dance tune, dedicated to Frankie Manning, one of the originators of the Lindy Hop.
Lyrics, etc. for Blue Light (90 second clip) Blue Light (90 second clip)(©1992)  Kevin Johnson, Kathy Lee

A stompin', World Beat kind of dance tune.
Lyrics, etc. for Jump Jive Swing (90 second clip) Jump Jive Swing (90 second clip)(©2007)  Kevin Johnson

Lives up to its title! A very nice, 40's sounding Swing tune with a sweet Boy + Girl story.
Lyrics, etc. for Love Your Life (90 second clip) Love Your Life (90 second clip)(©2006)  Bob Olofson

Upbeat, heartful lyrics, with a smooth and jazzy funk groove.
Lyrics, etc. for Keeping It Light (90 second clip) Keeping It Light (90 second clip)(©2000)  Jeffrey Smoller

A nice jazz/rock instrumental, with melodies carried by violin and tenor sax.
Lyrics, etc. for Eyes on the Prize (90 second clip) Eyes on the Prize (90 second clip)(©)  Traditional

A crisp & funky rendering of the classic Gospel song from the Civil Rights movement.

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