Elemental Orkestra 
World Sound Ensemble



Lyrics, etc. for Gong Sermon Gong Sermon(©Soundseeds)  improvised

gongs and drums recorded live at a private party. 10 minutes of improvisation
Lyrics, etc. for Elemental Overload Elemental Overload(©Soundseeds)  improvised

live vocal improv with a guest dj. highly overloaded recording from a private wedding party at the jughandle in mendocino county.
Lyrics, etc. for guitars and gimbri guitars and gimbri(©) 

improvisation with 2 guitars and gimbri, a moroccan stringed instrument.
Lyrics, etc. for kora guitar drum kora guitar drum(©) 

improvisation with kora, guitar and a really big drum with some metal percussion
Lyrics, etc. for afrobeat jam - full length afrobeat jam - full length(©) 

we were playing a show and this guy came in and started singing with us. we'd like to get him back. this recording is raw but we dig the jam.

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