Camp3 Tiger Rockets


Tiger Rockets!
Tiger Rockets!

Lyrics, etc. for McNally McNally(©2007)  A. Nilsson

Jefferson state backwoods pipe-o-matic dang blasted camp3 tiger rockets rumpus music featuring flapjack johnson on the organ.
Lyrics, etc. for Oh Don Oh Don(©2006)  A. Nilsson

Ponderous wet plaintive backwooks Oregon Camp3.
Lyrics, etc. for Sky Island Sky Island(©2004)  Adam Nilsson

An extended version of the animated series theme song.
Lyrics, etc. for St. Patricks Day St. Patricks Day(©2001)  Adam Nilsson

A celebration of alternative St. Patrick's Day celebration methods.
Lyrics, etc. for Plaza Girl Plaza Girl(©2004)  Adam Nilsson

A tribute to Arcata Plaza girls everywhere.

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