All Original Folkadellic Rock
All Original Folkadellic Rock


  Small Fish
Small Fish
Small Fish: All original songs and jams throughout the 1990s. Our favorite place to play was the original Jambalaya. I thought I'd put up some of the songs for anyone who might enjoy a little blast from the past.

Chad Johnson, Chuck Johnson, OC Canedo, Mike Yassemi(90-94), Doug Jacobs(94-2000).


Lyrics, etc. for Once Outside the Doorway Once Outside the Doorway(©1993)  Orlando Canedo

Lyrics, etc. for Anima Anima(©1993)  Chad Johnson

Afro Pop with a Rock and Roll twist.
Lyrics, etc. for Typical Song Typical Song(©1994)  Chuck Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Twisted Imagination Twisted Imagination(©1993)  Orlando Canedo

Creepy Rock
Lyrics, etc. for Lucky Penny Lucky Penny(©1993)  Chad Johnson

I believe in good luck...
Lyrics, etc. for Crackerjack Prize Crackerjack Prize(©1994)  Chuck Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Subatomic Subatomic(©2004)  Chad Johnson

Upbeat rock tune with some fusion type soloing.
Lyrics, etc. for You Take The Sun You Take The Sun(©1993)  Chuck Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for What To Say What To Say(©1994)  Chad Johnson

I had a crush on a girl with a boyfriend...
Lyrics, etc. for If Only It Were So If Only It Were So(©1994)  Orlando Canedo

Lyrics, etc. for Rolling Rock Rolling Rock(©1993)  Chad Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Original Sin Original Sin(©1994)  Orlando Canedo

Lyrics, etc. for Easter Hill Easter Hill(©1994)  Chad Johnson

Remembering my youth - the good and the bad.
Lyrics, etc. for I'm Watching You I'm Watching You(©1994)  Orlando "OC" Canedo

Stalker love...
Lyrics, etc. for Hold On Hold On(©1994)  Orlando Canedo

A song about OC's dad dying.
Lyrics, etc. for This Time Around This Time Around(©1993)  Chuck Johnson

Slow Kind Groove
Lyrics, etc. for Pleeze Pleeze(©1993)  Orlando Canedo

Lyrics, etc. for Astral Central Astral Central(©1994)  Chad Johnson

About the place you come from, and eventually go to...
Lyrics, etc. for Cocoon Cocoon(©1994)  Chad Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Everyone is Chasing the World Everyone is Chasing the World(©1993)  Chuck Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for On This Afternoon On This Afternoon(©1995)  Chuck Johnson

Lyrics, etc. for Try Try(©1993)  Chad Johnson

There was this crazy acid party in Freshwater...
Lyrics, etc. for Dance Dance(©1993)  Chuck Johnson

Mother [email protected] DANCE!!
Lyrics, etc. for I Can't Stop The Day I Can't Stop The Day(©1993)  Orlando Canedo

Tasty Jamms
Lyrics, etc. for On The Line On The Line(©1994)  Chad Johnson

A song Chad wrote during a total eclipse of the sun.
Lyrics, etc. for Devil's Time: live @ the North Country Fair Devil's Time: live @ the North Country Fair(©1992)  Orlando Canedo

Live 10 minute extended version.
Lyrics, etc. for Baby Oh Sweet Baby Baby Oh Sweet Baby(©1990)  Chuck Johnson

Psychobilly Bluegrass
Lyrics, etc. for You Are Everything You Are Everything(©2004)  Chad Johnson

A spontanious 5/4 improv created during a jam session.

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