J.B. Goode
J.B. Goode and the Public Defenders


“Surfin’ D.A.” is a grass roots effort by local musicians to show support for District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Everyone involved in the final mix knew about the theme and intent of the tune, and graciously agreed to become a part of the project in an effort to help influence the “swing” vote. Pardon the pun...

J.B. Goode and the Public Defenders

John Berning (vocals, rhythm guitar, writer, engineer, producer)
John has lived in Humboldt County his entire life, and is an active songwriter, singer, recording engineer, and producer. One of his previous projects, “Hosed at the Gaspump”, gained national airplay on NPR’s “Cartalk”.

Bob Olofson (sax, co-production)
Bob’s talent spans the musical gamut from production to instrumental versatility. He is the “horn section” on this recording, and shows outstanding diversity in his musical expression on a variety of instruments and vocals.

Jeffrey Smoller (electric guitar)
Jeffrey is a longtime Humboldter and veteran of many bands and musical projects. He is an excellent rock and jazz guitarist, and expresses a wide range of musical interest and expertise. His solo project, “Up Front”, was completed in 2002.

Doug Kamprath (drums)
Doug holds down the beat in this piece, quite capably. A long term local craftsman, Doug plays percussion in several bands including the newly formed "Magnolia".

Rick DeVol (upright bass)
Rick and his wife Kathleen moved to Humboldt Co. a couple of years ago fulfilling a dream to live in this beautiful place. Rick is an accomplished player with 25 years of semi-professional playing in various band settings through out central Calif. He is currently gigging with "Big Earl and the Cryin' Shame", a funky, driving blues outfit. His interests involve playing all types of music.

Dave (the Doctor) Ryan(keyboards)
Pianist and keyboard guru Dave Ryan lends his skills to this piece. He is a long time Arcata resident, and currently plays with The Delta Nationals. His energy and versatility
with studio and live performance is a wonderful addition to the Humboldt County music scene.

Special thanks to Jimmy and Susie at Bongo Boy CD for mastering, duplication, and graphics wizardry. They do it all, and they are wonderful people. Additional thanks to Jeannie Tilghman for graphics support and design.


Lyrics, etc. for Surfin DA Surfin DA(©John Berning,2004,BMI)  John Berning

A swing tune with 35 seconds of front end "political theatre" in support of D.A. Paul Gallegos

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