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Alternative Rock/Modern Rock/Alt-Country


CleverLinus is a four-piece original rock ‘n’ roll band out of Chico, Ca. Their sound features elements of blues, folk, punk, post-grunge and modern rock sounds. The co-songwriting team of Garrett Gray (guitar/vocals) and Scott Leese (guitar/vocals) are behind every rhythm and lyric you hear. Garrett (25) is a studied blues guitarist with a passion for old school bluesmen such as Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, and of course, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Scott (26 is influenced more by modern rock than blues and his songs bring a different element to the band, and provide a nice contrast. Fueled by raw emotion and pained lyrics, the songs are heavier and darker. Bassist Bob (25) has been playing the bass for many years in various projects in the Bay Area. His melodic sensibilities bring a darker edge to the songs. Drummer Kris (24) only recently joined the band but provides CleverLinus with intensity, and is steady force behind the songs. Collectively, their songs are accessible, bluesy, introspective, and dark.

Lyrics, etc. for Dawn(pre-mix/master) Dawn(pre-mix/master)(©CleverLinus)  Scott Leese

Lyrics, etc. for Bible Belt Blues Bible Belt Blues(©CleverLinus)  Garrett Gray

Acoustic version
Lyrics, etc. for Midnight Midnight(©CleverLinus)  Scott Leese

Acoustic version
Lyrics, etc. for Liquid Lullabies Liquid Lullabies(©CleverLinus)  Garrett Gray

Acoustic Version

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