Professional Superheroes 
Saving the world one show at a time


We are a group of superhero friends playing obscure indie cover songs. We cover other bands because we love them and hope that we can make other people love them as much as we do. Also, we think that some songs are just funny.

We love to play all ages shows! But at the same time, we love the alcohol. The two don't really mix. Oh well. If you want us to play at your party, you need to pay us in cash or alcohol. Those are the two currencies that we accept. We do not accept credit or traveler's checks.

Here is a list of bands we have covered or are currently in the process of covering:

The Unicorns, The Ian Fays, Thee Eureka Garbage Co./Thee Audio Wreck, Neutral Milk Hotel, The K.G.B., The Volumen, Be Brave Bold Robot, Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club, Girlband, Say Anything, Say Hi To Your Mom, The Nevvers, The Pasties, The Cutters, Fro the Lazy, The Aquabats, Prince, The Gerbils, Skip Holiday, The Disappointments, Leftover Crack, and lots more.


Lyrics, etc. for Survival Car Survival Car(┬ęGirlband 2001)  Girlband

Originally a punk song by Girlband, The Professional Superheroes prefer to sing it around the campfire... at night... with marshmellows.

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