Original Music
Original Music


  Groove Oriented, Song-based Jam Band
Groove Oriented, Song-based Jam Band
Original song based jam band featuring expressive soloing and danceable rhythms. Left to right; Chad Johnson: Guitar/Vocals, Mike Kapitan: Keys, Ken Lawrence: Bass/Vocals, Rob Peterson: Percussion, Kris DiNoto: Drums.

Lyrics, etc. for Cool Majority Rules Cool Majority Rules(©2003)  Johnson

The cool shall rise!
Lyrics, etc. for I Look Around I Look Around(©2003)  Johnson (Arr. by Kapitan)

Pop song influenced by modern African music.
Lyrics, etc. for Misty Morning Misty Morning(©2004)  Kapitan / Johnson

Colaboration with Mike & Chad only. Music by Mike, Words, melody, guitar by Chad
Lyrics, etc. for Let it Slide Let it Slide(©2003)  Kapitan / Johnson

Edgy white boy funk.
Lyrics, etc. for Zatoichi(The Blind Swordsman) Zatoichi(The Blind Swordsman)(©2003)  Kapitan / Johnson

The epic tale of Zatoichi.

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