Kent Stephenson Band 
original western rock


"KSB" or "The Kent Stephenson Band" aka "Lokoyokol" was founded in 1995 as a project band for the C.D. "Cyclone Near Niobrara". We have now evolved into a hard edged 4 piece "Original Western Rock" band featuring the live performance of  songs by Kent Stephenson,
as well as Classic country, "Outlaw music", Southern rock & Honky Tonk covers. We specialize in great harmonies & movin' danceable spellbinding jams...
Contact; Kent (707) 943-1965 or
Nathan (707) 441-1256
 For vintage tube retro studio & portable recording  rates & services, and/or booking information/ shows posted,.see "The Kent Stephenson Band" at for recent info & updates,


Lyrics, etc. for Diesel Go Home Diesel Go Home(©2003)  Kent Stephenson

An infamous Southern Humboldt anthem about provincialism!
Lyrics, etc. for Arroyo Arroyo(©1997)  Kent Stephenson

Lyrics, etc. for Imagining Imagining(©June 2005)  Kent Stephenson

Lyrics, etc. for Cheyenne Cheyenne(©Oct. 1995)  Kent Stephenson, Cathy Tubbs.

Lyrics, etc. for Lakeview Lakeview(©Jan 2003)  Kent Stephenson, Art McMahan.

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