The Foundlings 
Honky Skronk


  The Foundlings rock pants, yer mom and the cowbe
The Foundlings rock pants, yer mom and the cowbe
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Chandler 'The Handler' Nelson: vocals
Andy Cunningham: Bass
Chad Macdonald: Guitar
Mike Parker: Drums
James Faulk: Guitar
Guru Dave Rano: Steel
Maggie Hanson: flute, backing vocals

w/ Jack Chassar: engineer

Contact us for CDs. Live shows coming.

"Sometimes I get a hankering
for Willie and ol' Merl
sometimes I like the Melvins
their bull and their squirrel

Sometimes I like sausage
other times I like tofu
sometimes I like violent crime
and other times, I like you."


Lyrics, etc. for 4 & twump 4 & twump(©thelings)  Lyrics by Graham Nash, music by the foundlings.

Graham Nash never had this in mind.
Lyrics, etc. for Breakfast of Sin Breakfast of Sin(©thelings)  Chad MacDonald

love and the morning after
Lyrics, etc. for Mattie Groves Mattie Groves(©thefoundlings)  Some old bastard

A song older than yer mom. (Damn old)
Lyrics, etc. for Came Down Came Down(©thefoundlings)  James Faulk

Lyrics, etc. for Bootheels Bootheels(©thefoundlings)  James Faulk

a continuing story

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