The following article was featured in The Corsair, Fall 2003 issue:

Rising Band: Elipsis

By Kathryn M. Saria

Elipsis has come a long way since their early days as a simple garage band. Formerly supported by I.A. records and ex-Summer fest owner Scott Stewart, Elipsis finds themselves nearing the top of the list of Humboldt’s most popular metal bands. But it wasn’t always this way. Let’s take a trip back to the year 1999 when Bryan Butler (Elipsis' drummer/manager), then a young Eureka High School student with little more than raw talent and a passion for music, made a decision that he deems “one of the best” in his life.

“I had seen local bands perform and had watched musical artists on T.V. I’ve always loved music, and I thought, ‘I can do that!’, so I did. But in the beginning, it was hell,” he admits. “All kinds of things like drugs, love affairs, drama, and lack of commitment, kept breaking us up. It wasn’t easy, but eventually most of the band members either chose or were asked to leave. We had to start all over again, find new people. We ended up with the group we have now only about a year ago and overall, I’m very happy with where we’re going.”

As Jon Bartlett (Guitarist, and one of only two remaining original members of the band) adds, “I feel like our performances are getting tighter and that our success is growing. We’ve learned to work together with each other and have enjoyed the opportunities we have been given to perform with other bands. Even at competitions, we have been able to enjoy and appreciate all the talent that’s out there and not only our own.”

About competition: The group states that, while the competition game has always been and will probably always remain an element of any music scene, it is not something they allow themselves to get “caught up” in. According to Ben Brower (Guitarist), the group adamantly upholds to certain priorities that they place above all others: Loyalty to fans (called “Zombies”), performance quality, and the creation of exciting, original new works.

He continues to say, “Elipsis is about expressing our love of music to the community and giving them something enjoyable. And it’s about having fun while you do it. It’s about the challenge of playing live, not so much about the competition.” Clearly, Elipsis is a group with a great love of what they are doing. Also clear: They seem to have succeeded at conveying that love to their audience.

“A big part of what I like about Elipsis is that you can tell they’re up there just having a blast,” one audience member, Lisa Miller, replied when asked for her opinion of the band.

“I usually don’t like metal, but Elipsis is different. Their songs are really good and I don’t get bored watching them up on stage because they make it fun for [the audience],” her 13-year-old daughter, Karen, explained. “It’s so funny because me and my mom actually like the same music for once. That never happens.”

Elipsis has been fortunate to perform with such bands as: Manic, Force of Nature, Phist, Garth Vader, Esoteric, SpiritFall, South County Dogs, Sinicide, Nobody’s Star, and others. The band is composed of Bryan Butler (Drums and back-up vocals), Jon Bartlett (Guitar), Ben Brower (Guitar), Ian Hambledon (Vocals), Gus Raygoza (Bass), and a group of much-appreciated friends who serve as sound technicians and roadies.

For more information about Elipsis, visit http://www.humboldtmusic.com/elipsis

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